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Art gifts...
Dear customers. On every purchase over 5000 dinars we grant 20% discount on all our products !

If you want to cheer up your loved ones, family and friends, and have not yet decided on a real gift, Gallery Arkade offers the most diverse goods.
These are ideal products for every occastion!
We offer:

- Decorative products for home decoration
- Hand made ethnic-country products
- Large number of art-paintings pictures
- Bags
- Suitcase
- Napkins
- Business program
- Crystal
- Plates
- Bows
- Kid Toys and lot more...

We offer special programs on the eve of major holidays, and the glory of all significant events that mark the traditional custom of giving.

At the end of the introduction of the ARKADE will end up with the lyrics of famous poet Dragomir Brajkovic:

Man can do without many things,
but without love you can
” ... Visit us in our retail stores, select something to your taste and give with love ...


Our ceramics are designed specifically to customer demand and is characterized by high quality, brilliance, resilience, usability.
The production of pottery is in Simanovci (25km from Belgrade).
Manufacture is a family owned more than 20 years and is one of unique ceramic production in the region. Ceramics we produce is called Majolica and is one of the finest ceramics in the world.

Production of ceramics is based on the optimal design solution for all environments and conditions. We offer pottery of your choice at reasonable prices and the possibility of payment in terms. We are proud that our factory has the capacity to produce tiles of any size that the customer may wish for both domestic sales and for the international market. We base our production of hand decoration without use of the transfer papers or pictures of majolica ceramics, using the glaze and underglaze method.

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If you have a retail store, and you need a reliable and strong partner, please contact us!
Our company makes daily deliveries of goods to the outlets on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and EU .
The distribution is done from a central warehouse located in Šimanovci.
Our customers are retail stores and local retailers. Wholesale is located in Zemun, street Njegoševa No.5. Visit our Wholesale.

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Mobile phones

In our retail stores you can supplement
your mobile phone and Internet.

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