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Art gifts... Ceramics Manufactury

Our ceramics are designed specifically to customer demand and is characterized by high quality, brilliance, resilience, usability.
The production of pottery is in Simanovci (25km from Belgrade).
Manufacture is a family owned more than 20 years and is one of unique ceramic production in the region. Ceramics we produce is called Majolica and is one of the finest ceramics in the world.

Production of ceramics is based on the optimal design solution for all environments and conditions. We offer pottery of your choice at reasonable prices and the possibility of payment in terms. We are proud that our factory has the capacity to produce tiles of any size that the customer may wish for both domestic sales and for the international market. We base our production of hand decoration without use of the transfer papers or pictures of majolica ceramics, using the glaze and underglaze method.

We have specialized in following production :

- Ceramic Cups
- Ceramic Dose's
- Ceramic Plate
- Other Plates
- Ceramic Bowe
- Ceramic Lamps
- Ceramic Teapot
- Ceramic Money Box

- Ceramic Bowls
- Ceramic Decorative objects (figures, models and others)
- Ceramic napkin holders, spoon, etc.

- Ceramic Gift Box, Cookie Box etc.
- Ceramic Mugs
- Ceramic jewlery boxes

- Ceramic Ashtrays

- Ceramic Pots

- Ceramic Frames and Foto-Frames

- Ceramic Saltwork

- Ceramic stand-watches, wall-watches
- Ceramic candle-stands

- Ceramic Jars
- Ceramic Vase


Production is divided into two parts :

1. InDesign house ware (articles for consume usage and home decoration)

2. Handmade (Hand made work, Decorative objects)

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There is 5 basic steps we apply in production of ceramic and that are :

1. First step is preparation of pottery mass for casting.
2. Shape and form of ceramics (four methods):

a. Hand made processing
b. Spinning on pottery table
c: Calups close and fixing
d. Flood Mass Filling

3. Hand made, Decoration and drawings on objects
4. Glazzing

5. Heating on Stoves from 860 - 1380 celsiuss degrees, depends on type of ceramics.
We use Electric powered Stoves with different types of capacity that are regulated using different programmators and regulators.

Raw Matherials that we use in process of manufacture includes:
- Mass for filling products,
- Pigmented colours, different types of oil, cold colors and etc,
- Glazing (different types and colors),
- Model Gipsym for making Calups,

We make big effort to make every product excellent, with gental care and love we follow every step of production process to ensure hapyness and satisfaction of each our customer.

We invite you in our Showroom, Njegoševa br.5, 11080,Zemun.

For additional informations, please contact as using email or telephone numbers on bottom of this page :


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